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Keep Your Home or Office Neat and Clean

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Extreme Cleaning is the company to call for efficient Residential & Office Cleaning services. To protect your children, we perform services that provide them with the cleanest environment possible for safe development. You can also provide a healthy place to work for your employees with our comprehensive office cleaning services. Improve your home's appearance with residential cleaning services from our company in St. Michael, Minnesota.

Skills and Tools to Get Your Space Clean
Our cleaning crew has more than 10 years of experience and all the right tools to clean your entire home or office. The top-of-the-line equipment we use ensures that we get your cleaning job done right the first time!

General Cleaning for All Other Rooms
• Vacuuming Carpeted Areas 
• Floors Care
• Dusting (Picture Frames, Sills and Ledges, Knickknacks)
• Cleaning Tops of Glass and Wood Furniture
• Emptying Trash


Cleaning Window - Residential Cleaning Services in St. Michael, MN


Kitchen Area Cleaning Includes:
• Cleaning Kitchen Counters
• Clean Microwave Ovens
• Cleaning Stoves
• Wiping Off Refrigerators and Handles
• Cleaning and Sanitizing Sinks
• Polishing Fixtures
• Sweeping or Vacuuming Floors
• Hand Washing or Mopping

Bathroom Service Includes:
• Cleaning and Shining Mirrors
• Polishing Fixtures
• Cleaning Showers, Walls, and Doors
• Cleaning and Sanitizing Toilets
• Cleaning All Bathroom Sinks and Sanitizing
• Dusting and Wiping Down All Surfaces
• Sweeping and Hand Washing Floors
• Vacuuming Carpets or Rugs

Special Cleaning Services Include:
• Washing Walls 
• Washing Woodwork and Baseboards
• Vacuuming Furniture
• Washing Outside of Cabinets or Drawers
• Cleaning Refrigerator Interior
• Changing Bed Linens
• Laundering
• Wiping down cabinets

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